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About us

We know you can derive some meaning from the name, as to what we do. Something to do with social media and lights? Something to do with events and social gatherings? A new type of lights, social-lights? Or just two words clubbed together out of boredom? NO.

Well, let us tell you who we are. If you have an ongoing business, a startup or an existing brand; we’re your fairy god-mother. We are a group of young enthusiasts who live digital marketing. What can we do, is put you on the map. We can help you develop a new ground or revamp an existing one in the market.

We are a pure online social media marketing and analytics agency.

How can we make our claim? We are one stop shop agency. What we want to make sure is that our clients are using optimum digital media to advance their business objectives.

Social media marketing doesn’t just stop at running a campaign or just increasing their following. We make sure our clients are promoting themselves at the right platform, with the most proactive medium of media, right amount of financial expenditure and the right target market.

Celebrating the glorious You

Let’s announce You to the World


Socialights is committed to offering 360˚ digital marketing services that create identities, build brands, drive interactions and get results. Pixel by pixel.




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